Heart Control

Heart Control

So God created humanity in God’s own image, in the image of God they were created; male and female God created them. And God blessed them…

My soul is much saddened in the wake of continuing, needless, groundless mass murder. My heart is pained by the ongoing devaluing and termination of human life by another human being. Whether the harm perpetrated by one person upon another resultant of gun or tongue…both are just as deadly…and it is all is just so incomprehensible to me.

My sentiment here is not to lambast or to condone anything or anyone. From my understanding and experience the contemplation and sanctioning of taking human life requires that we dehumanize certain people in our minds and in our hearts. Again this is the reason my heart and soul cries out in pain for lives so senselessly and suddenly snuffed out. I believe it is at this juncture of broken reasoning that we find ourselves literally and figuratively mentally placing another human being into a “disposable class.”

My heart and soul cries out even louder when I am forced to understand that Christians have one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the United States. I truly did not want to believe that to be true. Then sadly the name Dylann Roof came back to my remembrance.

For me Beloved Children of God it is more about “Heart-Control” than any other control we speak of…control of guns or otherwise. Again I am not supporting either way gun ownership. But when the question is asked buy topamax 200 mg “Should Christians own guns?” and the answer is Christians have one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the U. S. and are the least likely to support gun regulation, then for me it is all about “Heart-Control”.  My Sisters and Brothers, phrases such as “it’s my choice when and how I defend my myself and my family”, and/or “don’t impose your morality on me” seek to validate dehumanizing another human being enough to take their life…and that is a “Heart-Control” concern.

It is a “Heart-Control” concern when due to racism, fear or a false sense of authority/security we turn a person, as a real or imagined attacker, into a “threat,” “target,” “center-mass” or “head-shot”. This is behavior of depersonalization that establishes the false idea that it’s not a life being taken, only a “threat’ that has been ‘neutralized.’

I offer the words “Heart-Control” simply because Jesus calls us to “Love God” and to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Beloved Children of God, for me the valuing and human life requires we assiduously maintain respect for the humanity of every person, including her or his identity as a creation of God made in God’s own image (Genesis 1:27). In “Heart-Control” my sisters and Brothers, I believe as people of God, as Christians, and especially as we live into “We Are Church Together”, we are in the business of sanctioning priority and sacredness of and for the preserving of human life…Peace.

Carlton Monroe
DEM and Assistant to the Bishop