To Do List

To Do List

As I write this, I find myself in a bit of the doldrums. Fueled by the heat wave, by the ever multiplying list of things on the ToDo List, and by my introvert self crying out for a little tending to, I’m in a bit of a funk. I stopped and looked at my calendar and realized that it’s been a little while since I’ve made a Sabbath day – since I’ve carved out time for refreshment and renewal, since I’ve prayed deeply or sat with scripture in a devotional sense.

I’m not great at keeping Sabbath, I admit. That ToDo list – for work and home – is always on my mind, and my mind is always jumping about from one thing to another, and while I might be good at stilling my body, stilling my mind is another buy topiramate online uk matter and just as important for real Sabbath time.

We know that rest for our bodies, spirits and minds is important, but often we do not make that a priority and then we feel like I do today – in a bit of a funk and cranky with myself for not being more on top of things, and then the cycle continues.

So, today I will make some time – away from the computer and the TV and iPhone and I will rest in scripture and prayer. I will ask for God’s guidance and I will listen carefully for what God is calling me toward…and then I will rest a while longer, giving thanks for all that God has given to me – both the bane and the blessing. Will you join me?

Katy Grindberg
Assistant to the Bishop