Optimism for Humanity

Optimism for Humanity

Pride Parade was a beautiful day in San Francisco that I truly enjoyed! It was tremendously enjoying basking in the sun, driving the parade route of downtown San Francisco in a convertible with Bishop Associate Nancy Nelson. I was swept to joyful enthusiasm as we participated with the huge crowds of humanity that were in full celebration. It was wonderfully uplifting to observe our sisters and brothers in full folic and friskiness. I was moved to a great optimism observing the sights and sounds of cavorting humanity of all colors and genders gathered in interactive community, togetherness and unity! It was a day of pure joy!

I really want not to write any more words beyond that. Yet I am thankful to God for that day to remember my optimism for humanity. To remember that unique day as the current events of our world unfolded. Sadly, the Orlando mass shooting happened, then the continuing ongoing protest over police shootings of Black men in our nation, now exacerbated with the subsequent horror of retaliatory murder of police in Dallas and Baton Rouge, added to the terrible acts of violence and terrorism in Nice and around the globe which seem to occur unabated. Enough I say, Lord please enough!!

In my last contribution to our newsletter I offered these words of God from Genesis “So God created humanity in God’s own image, in the image of God they were created; male and female God created them. And God blessed them…” as God calling us to examine the motives of our hearts in all that we think, say and do as a “Heart-Control” concern. We are called to “Love God” and to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” I believe that when we love our neighbor as ourselves, when we do that, when we be that, when we are that – not if – then we have topiramate order online always, always found our way to be community that maintains the welfare of someone else as priority. Let’s not forget

As the momentum of our presidential elections carries us to November elections let’s not join in or support the rhetoric of hate for the other person that has become language staple to the campaign. We are called by God, and I truly believe it to be so that we want to, to stay united in love, in communication striving to evolve to be the people God would have us to be. The conversation of race, of shooting and violence and how do we eradicate these elements from our lives is difficult conversation, but it needs to happen, and it needs to continue, and it needs go deeper to the root of
our problems. Even as difficult as a conversation such as this one is, it eminently will gain more for all than a bullet. We need each other. A bullet is not the answer. We want to never forget we are Children of God called to love the most unlovable.

This day with which God has blessed me life, in the wake of the crescendo of the latest current events I remember the optimism I experienced during the Pride Parade, I again offer the words I finished my last newsletter contribution with:

Beloved Children of God, the valuing and human life requires we assiduously maintain respect for the humanity of every person, including her or his identity as a creation of God made in God’s own image. In “Heart-Control” my sisters and Brothers, as people of God, as Christians, and especially as we live into “We Are Church Together”, we are in the business of sanctioning priority and sacredness of and for the preserving of human life…Peace.

Rev Carlton Monroe
Assistant to the Bishop and Director for Evangelical Mission