Two Important Happenings at PLTS

Two Important Happenings at PLTS
Two very important things are happening within the next two months that will strengthen the holy work that Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary does on behalf of the church.

     1.  Professor Ray Pickett of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago has been chosen to become the first Rector of PLTS. He will be the head administrator of the seminary and also our chief spokesperson. He currently teaches New Testament and have been very involved in the Public Church curriculum at LSTC as well as preparing students for Latino/a ministry while the Dean at the Lutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest, in Austin, Texas. He is a native of Oklahoma and served as a pastor in that state as well as in Kansas. He is a graduate of Oral Roberts University, Wartburg Theological Seminary and the University of Sheffield, England.  He will be a great addition and leader.

The interim leadership team of Alicia Vargas and me will stay on campus, Alicia in her role as Dean and I in the capacity of Director of Seminary Relations.

2. Just as Rector Pickett begins his work in Berkeley on June 1, the campus will be actively moving from its location atop the Berkeley hills to the second floor of a building in downtown Berkeley. It’s a mere couple miles as the crow flies (and there are crows here), and a bit longer if you take the gentle slope down the hill. Officially, we begin work at the new campus at the start of the fall semester, but will have the summer to get accustomed to a more compact and interactive work environment. Drop on by and see the place at 2000 Center St., 2nd floor. Best of all, let me know you’re coming and I’ll show you around! But wait until the second week in June!

We appreciate your prayers and support, especially as you are raising up splendid new candidates for leadership ministry for the church and the world.
In faith,
Rev. Brian Stein-Webber
Interim Chief Administrative Officer and Director of Seminary Relations