Wonder How to Serve God?

Wonder How to Serve God?

“O Christ, create new hearts in us that beat in time with yours,

That, joined by faith with your great heart, become love’s open doors.”

(O Christ Your Heart, Compassionate ELW # 722, verse 3)

I love visiting congregations and preaching, presiding or sitting in the pews! It’s a joy to experience worship with folks in different settings around our Synod, and seeing familiar as well as unique parts of the liturgy. I also enjoy the variety of styles of leadership among our pastors. It reveals how our creative Holy Spirit is always showing up – as promised! (I have a few openings to preach or preside in May and June – so invite me, please!)

Recently, as I was vesting with an Interim pastor in his office, I noticed he quickly kissed his stole before placing it around his neck. I was intrigued, and asked him about it.

“Oh” he answered. “It’s my way of expressing my gratitude to God for allowing me to serve God’s people as a pastor.”

Wow. Usually, when I donned my stole, I was already thinking of what I needed to do next: like check on whether the acolyte had arrived or make sure my stole’s color matched the color of the paraments on the altar!

I thought his small act was like a prayer. It allowed him to step into the sanctuary with a thankful heart before he led God’s people forth in joy with worship!

Luther wrote that if you wonder how to serve God – all you need to do is look down at what is in your hands. (I know I can get into trouble by starting a sentence with, “Luther wrote . . . “ because of all the Luther scholars in our synod! So maybe this is apocryphal!) Anyway, if it’s a diaper, then diaper your baby. If it’s a hammer, then build the house!

We serve God with who we are and with what we have.  What a privilege!  What a holy privilege!

We are your body, risen Christ; Our hearts, our hands we yield

That through our life, and Ministry your love may be revealed.”

(O Christ Your Heart Compassionate ELW #722 verse 3)

See you soon – at Assembly, you servants of God!
Easter Joy!

Pr. Kathryn


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