Mt. Cross is Not Just a Summer Camp

Mt. Cross is Not Just a Summer Camp

Grace and Peace to you Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

For the month of May, Mt. Cross Ministries is the Second Mile Giving partner for this synod, and I hope that you will consider offering both prayers and monetary support as we prepare for our summer season.

When you think of Mt. Cross, what comes to mind? Is it our towering redwoods? Our rustic cabins? The spiritual campfire worships? The incredible view of peppered stars and redwood silhouettes as you look up at night?

For me, Mt. Cross is not just a summer camp. It was the first stop on my faith journey, and a place that God continually calls me back to. In 2005, I attended Shalom Confirmation Camp and found Christ for the first time in my own life. God was with me while I sang silly songs, while I struggled shoulder to shoulder on the Challenge Course with my peers, and while I prayed with my cabin at the end of the day. God revealed acceptance, love, joy, and healing in just one week at a small camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains. That small ignition of faith carried me through high school and to college.

I returned to Mt. Cross as a summer counselor and again felt God working to mold me and shape me. I met some of the most incredible friends and a whole network of previous counselors from across the country and around the world. This small community of servant leaders, became an entire family of people who understood what it was like to serve for an entire summer with no regrets of not getting a high paying summer job or internship instead.

Now, as the Associate Director, I am beyond excited to share with you all the fun and faith-filled programming we have planned. Our theme, “The Water of Life,” and this summer’s guiding verse, “when you go through deep waters, I will be with you,” from Isaiah 43:2, will give campers a glimpse into how God continually is present through the good and bad times in life. We are planning new Cabin Adventure Time activities including bread making and helping in the Mt. Cross Garden. Our summer staff will receive more in depth training on diversity and inclusive Bible Encounter activities, as well as refreshed games and camp songs. If you are unable to send your camper to our main site for camp, we are working with churches across the state to provide Day Camp opportunities to bring camp to you!

Thank you for your prayers and support over the last 60 years, and we hope that you will take joy in supporting us for many years to come.

In Christ,

Allison Westerhoff
Associate Director, Mt. Cross Ministries
Office: (831) 336-5179 ext. 14