Lutheran Engagement and Advocacy in Nevada

Lutheran Engagement and Advocacy in Nevada
LEAN Returns with New Life, Important Mission

Advocacy in Nevada has re-organized, and Second Mile Giving remains an important source of support for us. We were last known as LEAN, for Lutheran-Episcopal Advocacy in Nevada.  That entity has been replaced with a new, all-Lutheran effort.  We kept the acronym LEAN, but we’ve “re-purposed” the name to stand for LUTHERAN ENGAGEMENT and ADVOCACY IN NEVADA. We wanted to bring “engagement” into it, to highlight the fact that everyone is invited to do advocacy and to be an engaged citizen. We Lutherans have such a great tradition, dating back to Martin Luther, of speaking out in the public square in order to hold accountable those in authority. LEAN’S mission is to educate and equip every parishioner in Nevada to advocate for issues they care about.

Lutheran Engagement and Advocacy in Nevada has a lobbyist who served at the 2017 Legislative Session, and continues to monitor interim activities. Mr. Allan Smith has in the past represented Religious Alliance in Nevada, providing a unified voice for Presbyterians, Methodists and Catholics as well as Lutherans and Episcopalians. Allan has become familiar with the Lutheran Social Statements and supports LEAN’s commitment to base all policy positions in the Social Statements. Before retirement, Allan oversaw the award-winning Nevada legislative website to which LEAN has often referred. He has a deep understanding of the legislative process, and has been an enormous asset to LEAN.

At present, the Policy Board of Lutheran Engagement and Advocacy in Nevada consists of Pr. Diane Drach-Mienel, (Christ the Servant, Henderson), Chair; Vic Williams, Vice-Chair (Reno), members Pr. Mike Patterson (Gift of Grace, Fernley), Dr. Ed Cotton (Las Vegas), and Sheila Freed (Reno). Northern Nevada is in the Sierra Pacific Synod; Southern Nevada is in the Grand Canyon Synod. LEAN has had the privilege of participating in Second Mile Giving for the past several years, and we have been humbled and grateful for the support we’ve received from outside Nevada as well as in Sierra Pacific within our state. It is our goal to deliver demonstrable results in terms of advancing social justice in Nevada. We hope that engagement will be the hallmark of LEAN as we go forward. To that end, we plan to:

+   Host and facilitate workshops and trainings throughout the state to enable parishioners to learn about the issues.

+   Publish monthly newsletter items highlighting activities and calling for action by parishioners.

+   Maintain an active and up-to date website:

+   Identify at least one resource person in each parish to lead education and advocacy, and to work with the Policy Board to identify issues of concern.

+   Coordinate with ELCA Churchwide on their advocacy initiatives.

+   Use Facebook for immediate communication and calls to action.

To carry out these goals, your support through Second Mile Giving will be very much appreciated.

For information on how to Engage in Advocacy in Nevada, please send an e-mail to with your contact information and a LEAN representative will get back to you.