Name Me

Name Me

In the Silence, Name Me

Holy One, untamed by the names I give you,
in the silence name me,
that I may know who I am,
hear the truth you have put in me,
trust the love you have for me,
which you call me to live out with my sisters and brothers
in your human family.
Ted Yoder

Recently, I’ve been visiting a few churches in the East Bay. It’s brought back memories for me of my grandparents who lived in Richmond. Grandpa was a firefighter for the city of Richmond. And he was a talker. (Now you know where I get it!)

My Grandpa knew everybody, or so it seemed to me. Whenever we would go to the Co-op grocery store he would always talk to the checkers. He knew them all by name. He never met anyone he couldn’t talk to. I don’t believe he ever met anyone he didn’t talk to! He always introduced me to the checker by telling them how I was connected to the family.  My memory is that he never said my name. Instead, he would tell the checker, “This here’s my granddaughter! She’s my oldest daughter Shirley’s girl!”  My identity was grounded in who I was related to.

When we were baptized, God claimed us as God’s own. Like a proud grandfather or grandmother, God proclaimed “This is my beloved child!” The pastor made the sign of the cross upon our forehead and called us “Child of God”. Then the pastor said, as she says to all the sweet baptized ones, “You have been sealed by the Holy Spirit and marked with the cross of Christ forever.”

Grandpa was clearly proud of my mother and proud of me. And he was always eager to share that with people we would encounter in the city of Richmond.  I felt like a celebrity when I was with my Grandpa.

May you be assured of God’s holy love for you. May you be aware of how proud God is of you! And may you remember to call upon God when you need strength and courage, trusting that God will give you what you need — oh you children of God.

In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Kathryn

We are people called together by the insistent urging of the Holy Spirit, empowered to be followers of Jesus Christ, rooted in God’s unconditional love. (Sierra Pacific Synod’s Mission statement)