Lutheran Disaster Response

Lutheran Disaster Response

As we are writing this article, residents in Texas and Louisiana are enduring the worst Hurricane they have ever experienced. Hurricane Harvey have brought destructive wind and epic rain fall to Texas, creating floods that have played havoc to millions. And the extent of its catastrophic effects will not be known for a long time. Recovery from this storm will take years. Lutheran Disaster Response, together with our affiliates, will accompany survivors in Texas and beyond in their recovery far into the future, to ensure that those impacted, particularly the most vulnerable ones, will not be forgotten.

What we seen in Texas is only the tip of the iceberg, the world continues to experience a high concentration of disasters, often invisible to the lime lights of the media.  Various populations confront extreme child malnutrition, even starvation. More people are displaced now than ever before. Many communities face weeks, if not months of waiting for weather to calm and repairs to begin.

Lutheran Disaster Response brings God’s hope, healing and renewal to people whose lives have been disrupted by disasters, in the United States and around the world. When the cameras leave, and the world turns its head, Lutheran Disaster Response stays behind to make sure that “the least of these” are provided a chance find their “new normal.”

Millions of people across the globe are living in crisis due to conflict, earthquakes, severe storms, flooding, drought and famine. As Church, we have relationships that give us access to even the most unseen disasters. Currently, through partners and companion churches, we are responding to natural disasters and humanitarian crises in 10 states and 28 countries. Our most recent responses have been the famine in South Sudan that has left millions hungry and malnourished, Hurricane Matthew that have played havoc to millions in Gulf Coast last Fall and Hurricane Harvey that just have damaged and even destroyed the homes of thousands in the Gulf Coast area.

The church’s support of Lutheran Disaster Response makes our accompaniment of survivors possible and touches lives in ways more profound then we can know.  Many disaster survivors have said the material assistance has been critical to their recovery, but even more profound is something money cannot buy – the restoration of hope.

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