Deep Well of Love

Deep Well of Love

Once again, as I sit down to write, I am wondering “what will I say…?” The fires in Napa, Yuba and Sonoma counties (and in other places around California) continue to burn, and people have lost their lives and property; Puerto Rico, other Caribbean Islands and places on the US mainland are struggling to recover from the recent hurricanes; public discourse seems more designed to divide than unite; people of color, transgender people, women, LGBQ people, and the poor seem to be targeted with policies and laws that put them at further risk. I don’t feel equipped to bring any word into this milieu that will empower, comfort, or challenge.

And yet…Monday night I was at a prayer service in Sacramento – the Sierra Pacific Synod and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento (and a number of other ecumenical faith leaders) came together in prayer, repentance, celebration, and song to hear the gospel preached and forgiveness proclaimed. Into this time where destruction and division seem to have the upper hand, people of faith came together and stood for unity in Christ, and the message of love, inclusion, and ministry to the least and the lost.

Of course, we have disagreements and areas where we are still divided, and it is not perfect, but these moments of coming together give me hope. When we are able to live into the spaces where we agree and build on relationships from there, we are able to build deep and abiding relationships and work together for the sake of the gospel and the sake of the world. I’ve had a song (“I heard an Owl” by Carrie Newcomer) running on a loop recently that has become my mantra:

The whole world weeps and is weeping still
Though shaken I still believe
The best of what we all can be
The only peace this world will know
Can only come from love.

As disciples of Jesus, we know this well of love is deeper than we could ever imagine, and when we join together with other people we can make a huge impact. Let us not be paralyzed by “what will I say?” or “what will I do?” Let love guide us and our actions toward others, and may we see the Christ in everyone we encounter!

The peace that passes all understanding be yours this week,

Katy Grindberg
Assistant to the Bishop


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