PLTS at 2000 Center Street

PLTS at 2000 Center Street

We’ve had many inquiries at PLTS about how we are doing in our new facility at 2000 Center St. in downtown Berkeley.  Here’s what I can say:

  • Our footprint is much smaller (though big enough) so that students, staff and faculty see a lot more of one another than on the spread-out hilltop campus.
  • We use a lot less energy in our more compact space.
  • Since we are not in the landowner business any more, we don’t need to pay attention to landscaping, upkeep and the like.
  • We are more even more focused on our mission of forming persons for church leadership.
  • Since we are more centralized to transportation, more people come here on BART or by foot or by bus.
  • We are becoming more sensitized to and informed by issues of city life.
  • Nearly everybody who comes to visit says something like, “It’s better than I had thought it would be!” In fact, it’s a congenial spot. Come visit us!

To see some pictures of our new campus, you can go to this album.

Our old property was sold to Zaytuna College, an institution that owns four other buildings by the Graduate Theological Union, and which is poised to build much better interreligious ties between Muslims and the rest of us. After subtracting some closing, legal and loan costs from the $10 million sale price, the bulk of the money serves as a quasi-endowed fund to support the lease costs of the new facility.

And lastly, our faculty and new rector, Dr. Raymond Pickett, have presented a newly fashioned curriculum for next fall that will allow new students to complete a Master of Divinity degree and internship in just three years instead of four. This move is in response to the continuing rise of the cost (and then student borrowing) of going to seminary.

A lot is going on. PLTS is dedicated to serving the church in innovative ways. We seek to be worthy of your generous support!

In Christ,
Rev. Brian Stein-Webber
Director of Seminary Relations


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