Post New Year’s Resolution

Post New Year’s Resolution

Blessings and peace to you in the season of Epiphany and in the New Year! I hope and pray this new year of life and ministry is off to a good start. Beginning a new year is a good time to consider what has been accomplished in the prior year and to set goals for the year to come. Very often, it’s helpful to take stock of what resources and assets we might utilize in our plans for the future. To that end, I am inviting you to “resolve” to take advantage of some resources that can help us do that. Think of it as a “Post New Year’s Resolution!”

Each year, congregational leaders and rostered members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America are encouraged to complete reports of their ministry for the prior year, which also include opportunities to share hopes for the future. It will soon be time for those reports to be submitted for 2018.

You are asked to submit these reports no later than February 15th. The two paragraphs below offer specific encouragement and information for you to submit these reports. The first paragraph is to help those who will be asked to submit congregational reports – Congregational Presidents and Treasurers. The second paragraph is for Rostered Ministers of the ELCA – Ministers of Word and Sacrament and Ministers of Word and Service.

For Congregational Presidents and Treasurers:

Information about how Congregational Reports can be submitted will be released soon, and will be sent directly to congregations. Typically, approximately 50% of the congregations in our Sierra Pacific Synod submit these reports in any given year. This is one of the lowest response rates in all 65 synods of the ELCA!  This information is vital for synod staff, conference deans, synod council members and discipling team members to know how we can offer support and encouragement for your ministry. It is also the manner in which the number of voting members your congregation will be asked to send to Synod Assembly is determined. It is NOT a “report card” or a means by which the success of your ministry will be assessed. It is information that, more than anything else, is helpful for the leaders of your congregation to assess how you might move forward in ministry together. Please, take the time to download and complete the forms when you receive them.  Thank you.

For Ministers of Word and Sacrament and Ministers of Word and Service:

Links and information about how Rostered Ministers are to complete their reports is below.  Simply click on the link below that applies to your life/ministry situation. You should FIRST download the form, SAVE IT, and THEN complete the form and send it directly to me at bpmark@spselca.orgIf you do not save it first, there may be problems when you try to e-mail it to me. I read and respond to every report that is sent to me – please take some time to pray about, write, and e-mail your report. Thank you.

Minister of Word and Sacrament – Reports to the Synod Bishop

Minister of Word and Service – Reports to the Synod Bishop

Thank you for your partnership in the ministry to which we have been called by God’s Spirit.  I look forward to a new year of ministry in our Sierra Pacific Synod as we are re-formed for the work and witness of sharing Christ’s love, grace, hope, peace and forgiveness.

Bp. Mark


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