What the World Needs Now

What the World Needs Now

Christmas Eve is a bit strange for me – now that I’m not a parish pastor. I actually got to sit with my children and be filled with wonder: “Have they always gotten on their phones when their father or mother gets into the pulpit?” On a more serious note, it was truly a blessed thing to stand next to my three wonderful children, with our candles lit and sing “Silent Night” together. That being written – I also miss the view from the chancel – looking out onto the congregation that I have loved and served for so many years.

My husband, Thomas Gable (I put his name in, because even now some folks don’t know that he’s my spouse!) preached an incredible sermon on Christmas Eve. I know – I know. I’m a bit biased, but the reason I’m bringing it up is because it is still resonating within my heart these days. And the tune is still reverberating around in my soul.

He told a story from our past – when our Kristian Harry was eight years old. (He’s almost twenty-one years old now, and towers over his mother!) His third-grade class sang the chorus for the song, “What the World Needs Now”. For the verses, his teacher asked three children to step forward and read their answer to the question: “If you could change one thing in our world, what would you change?” Our sweet boy was one of the ones chosen! I don’t recall what he said, but I’m certain our hearts were bursting!!

Can you think of a few things yourself – that you would change?

I remember people wiping their eyes. Twelve years ago – our world, our country, our churches, and our homes needed love. Just like now. Just like now.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No not just for some but for everyone.

Jackie DeShannon

Sisters and brothers in Christ, may you continue in your ministry of spreading the love of God!

In Christ’s Love,

Pr. Kathryn
Assistant to the Bishop