Show You Care With Underwear (and Socks)

Show You Care With Underwear (and Socks)

What causes homelessness? The underlying causes of homelessness are too numerous to name, but mental illness, poverty, substance abuse, unemployment, and time spent in the foster care system are some of the most common. Regardless of the issues that led to homelessness, the first major step on the journey to independence and healing is always the same: a safe place to call home.

However, for a house to be a home, certain essentials are needed. That’s where you come in. Your donations to LSS of Northern California supply clients with household essentials like bedding, furniture, kitchen utensils, and cleaning supplies, as well as bus fare or gas, if they have a car. These basic and necessary everyday items transform a house into a home and promote a sense of stability and security for individuals who have lived in a car, camped under a freeway or wondered when they would shower next. What’s more, the preparation of a safe place to call home—one already furnished with essentials—honors the dignity of a formerly homeless person or family.

But none of it—the stability, the security, or the dignity—would be possible without the support of people like you, who partner with LSS to end homelessness—for good. Because of donations—in-kind and cash—from our neighbors, LSS can continue to provide our clients with a safe place to call home and reliable means of transportation, both of which are important benchmarks they need to begin their journey to independence and healing. To learn more or make a gift, visit our website at


Carol Roberts, Ph.D.
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