A Message from Campus Ministry

A Message from Campus Ministry

At baptism we make a promise as a gathered Christian community to care for the baptized, to place scripture in their hands, and to help them however we can along their journey of faith. Many partners join together in this effort; Godparents, grandparents, Sunday school teachers, confirmation mentors, youth workers, camp counselors… and campus ministry communities. 

Campus ministry is not just some program or holding tank for college students. Campus ministry is a vital partner in fulfilling our communal baptismal promises.
Whether a student attends a university 1,000 miles or 2.5 miles from their home, campus ministry serves as another touchpoint in their journey of faith. A place where students can connect with others that inhabit a similar space in life. A space where they can meet new peers and mentors to join the already great cloud of witnesses that have and will continue to help them run the race of life.
Without your continued support, campus ministries around our Synod would not be able to play this important part in the baptismal journey of our college aged young adults.

Thanks for your continued partnership. And please, as students from your community head to campuses across our Synod and country, let us know by filling out a 15 second referral.

Trust in God,
The Sierra Pacific Synod Campus Ministers

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