A Message from PLTS

A Message from PLTS

As with all of your places of worship, it is now Easter season at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary!  These two pictures show the perspectives of our worshipers, looking toward the altar, and the presider, looking out to the congregation, in preparation for this Wednesday’s worship.


You can see we do not have a traditional chapel.  With our new space in downtown Berkeley, our chapel doubles as our gathering room, named Ubuntu, for the Swahili concept of “I am because we are.”  It is a lively internal eco-system.

The Ubuntu room, the largest space on our campus, is a place for us to be reminded that we are all connected, not only as the body of Christ, but as a place to grow together in love of God and neighbor.  We sing, we pray, we hear the word of God, we partake of the sacraments, just like all of you.

Being in the center of the city, we are also close to the evolving homeless camps around us.  Some of those living in tents have joined us for worship, on the invitation of some students.  So we become more closely connected with some of our sisters and brothers by a different mother.

The main purpose of the seminary is to prepare students to become leaders in congregations both in this synod and throughout the world.  I hope you are picking up here that we are forming them to be both centered and flexible, knowing that the Lutheran church can exist and flourish in thousands of different ways, among millions of different people.  To these ends, we continue to welcome your generous and life-giving support, as individuals, congregations, organizations and the synod itself.  We are YOUR seminary!

Rev. Brian Stein-Webber
Director of Seminary Relations
Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary