Easter Surprise

Easter Surprise

Christ is alive!
No longer bound to distant years in Palestine,
But saving, healing, here and now,
And touching every place and time.  

(Christ is Alive! Let Christians Sing  ELW # 389)

We have a neighbor named Mason. He is four years old and his sister is seven. Great ages! Whenever they see me, they yell out, “Hey Kafrin! (I love how little kids say my name!) Come and see ______” (whatever it is they want to show me.) Then they invariably ask me how Sofia is doing. Sofia is our black Labrador puppy. They love her, and they like to talk about her, but they don’t really want to pet her or even get too close. When you’re barely three or four feet tall, a seventy-pound, rambunctious puppy is generally not your idea of a party!!

During Holy Week, Mason excitedly told me that they had just decorated Easter eggs. Then he informed me that the Easter Bunny was going to hide them on Easter morning. His Mom asked Mason to tell me what Easter was all about.

Mason stood there and was quiet for a few moments. His Mom prompted him again, “Go on, Mason. Tell Kathryn what Easter is all about.”

He looked at me, stood as tall as he could, and blurted out, “Easter is when Jesus died – but then he got alive again! It was a surprise! (arms outstretched at this point) A BIG surprise!” (We can thank his parents and his Missouri Synod Pre-School for his response!)

I couldn’t help my Christian- pastor- self! I applauded that sweet Mason and jumped up and down a few times!

Yes, Mason! Jesus “got alive again!” And what a surprise it was! What a surprise it is!

May you allow yourself this Easter season to be surprised at all the ways, and through all the people, the risen Christ shows up in your life and in our world! And perhaps . .. when no one is looking, throw up your arms and jump up and down a few times! And shout out a few “Alleluias” while you’re at it!

Christ is ALIVE! Indeed!

May God bless your ministry in this Easter Season!

Pr. Kathryn