Mt Cross Ministries

Mt Cross Ministries

We desperately want to walk two miles in a camper’s shoes with you. Not just one, but two.

The first mile we come to know each other. Campers of all ages, abilities, socioeconomic, and racial backgrounds gather at Mt. Cross in the summer and we sleep together, eat together, walk the creek and climb the ropes together. We talk about how grace changes everything. We learn who the other is and find that they want to know us, too. We walk a mile during a week of camp.

The second mile is harder. It’s going back home to the places and people we love… only to find we see them differently. It’s implementing the hard work of grace that we just learned changes everything. But we’re not leaving you alone. At Mt. Cross, we believe deeply that providing profound experiences in God’s creation isn’t just about one week and one mile in the summer. It’s about the second mile through the two thousandth mile. We’re committed to walking those miles with you, year-round, both at camp and in your congregations, through programs, visits, events, retreats, and conversation for all people – not just kids.

Both miles are incredible. Both are insanely difficult. Both are worth it. We’re committed to walking with you, no matter what. But we can’t do it alone, and your generosity in giving financially allows us to start that first mile together. Read more on our website: or on Facebook under Mt. Cross Ministries. Print the attached bulletin inserts for your congregations and organizations, come to the events, register for camp, and if you’re able, give today to help make those profound experiences possible.

We’re ready to start walking together. Are you?

Rev. Sarah & Adam Erickson, Executive Directors