Mission-Minded Budget

Mission-Minded Budget

The week of our Synod Assembly is finally here, after months of planning and work on the part of the Assembly Planning Team, our synod staff, and many others around the synod. We gather this Friday through Sunday at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, right across the street from the State Capital in Sacramento.

Among the many things that happen during an Assembly, one important item of business is the passing of a budget for our shared ministry. This year, our Synod Council is recommending the passage of a budget that will be a challenge for us to meet. It is a challenge I believe we are ready for. For the past three years, due to careful management of our resources by synod staff and our synod council, we have finished each of these years with more income than expenses! There has also been an amazing and generous response on the part of congregations and individuals in our synod to the Campaign for the ELCA, Lutheran Disaster Relief, and Lutheran World Hunger. This is what gives me hope as we move into this year’s budget conversation.

Please read this letter from our Synod Council to the Voting Members of our Assembly and to our Synod explaining why this mission-minded budget is being recommended for passage at the Assembly. You can also review the proposed budget. And please keep our Assembly in prayer this week – before, during, and after we are gathered!  If you’d like to “tune in” to watch what is happening, check the agenda for the timing of events and then go to our YouTube page at the appropriate time to find the link for the livestream!

Looking forward to a great time together with all of you, our special guests, and the guidance of God’s Spirit!

Bp. Mark