Deeply Thankful

Deeply Thankful

As I write this, I am deeply thankful. I am thankful for the powerful Synod Assembly that we just experienced in Sacramento June 1-3. I am thankful for the many people who worked to make Assembly a reality and a positive experience for so many. I am thankful for the many ways the Holy Spirit was made known among us in conversation and worship and prayer and deliberation, and yes, in voting.

I also am thankful for what is upcoming. On July 4, I begin on a 3 month sabbatical leave. I am deeply thankful for this time and for the funds allocated to attend to my learning and my leisure, in order to return in early October refreshed and renewed for this work we are about together as Church.

I will begin my time in Baltimore – attending an Organizer training with Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), where I will be immersed in learning about how organizing principles and skills can be applied to the work of congregations and ministries as they live out their call to Love Neighbor. Then I move to Minnesota for time with family and friends, and to attend a week-long Core EQ-Human Relations Workshop through EQ-HR. I’ll return to Sacramento on Amtrak (!) and then for much of August and September I’ll be spending time in Northern CA and in other places with friends, and by myself – reading, resting and just ‘being.’

I’ll admit to a little trepidation as I think of about 3 months away from the rhythms and responsibilities of work, and what that will mean for how I spend my time and keep myself occupied. As a single person with no children, this is a different equation for me, than for other folks with sabbatical experience with whom I’ve been in conversation with. As someone for whom work is probably my main defining ‘thing’, being away from that will be an adventure in self-discovery and learning!

Your prayers for my time away are appreciated – for me, and for the staff who will continue the work of ministry we share together as synod and as church.

God’s blessings,
Pr. Katy Grindberg