God’s Favorite Color

God's Favorite Color

It’s been hot around my place. How about your place? It’s been hot and even a bit humid. Reminds me of summer when we lived in New Jersey. Reminds me of a little boy, six years old, walking down a dirt road with his mother – whose hand he holds onto, because when you’re six, you still hold your Mommy’s hand.

“Out on Long Island” as they say, that boy and his mother were walking. Well – he was actually kind of skipping, because children don’t seem to understand that when you expend more energy, you get hotter. They either don’t understand, or they don’t give a fig.

This little boy is skipping along, and his Mom has long legs  — so she doesn’t really have to go too fast to keep up with his energy.

He wants to get to the swings. You need an adult to get to the swings, because they’re at the end of the dirt road that his Aunt Anne’s cottage sits on, and across the street. The busy street.

So, Kristian Harry asks his Mom if she’ll walk him to the swings, and she says “Yes”. In the late afternoon of this hot, humid, lazy day they are making their way to the swings.

I still remember it like it was yesterday.

On the way, my boy looks up at the trees whose branches reach across the road and almost touch the branches of the trees on the other side.

“Hey, Mommy. I know what God’s favorite color is! Do you?”

It was almost too easy. I knew the answer. Of course, it was green because green was everywhere – in the trees, in the bushes, in the spots of grass on the lawns on the cottages. So, I said, “Green. That’s God’s favorite color.”

He waited a moment. I guess he was trying to figure out a way to let his Mom down easy. Finally, he said, “Gold. Gold is God’s favorite color, Mommy.”

“Gold! Why are you saying God’s favorite color is gold?” Like he needed a reason. When you know something, you just know it.

But still he answered his mother, “Because gold kind of surprises you. Just like God does – sometimes.”

May you have moments this summer when past summer memories warm your heart.

May you be surprised by all the ways God shows up in your life!

And may you find time to meander down a road somewhere – and realize that God is holding your hand.

God’s summer blessings to you,
Pastor Kathryn Gulbranson