Who we are as Lutherans: Our Omitted Narratives

Who we are as Lutherans: Our Omitted Narratives

I’m so looking forward to seeing colleagues at our upcoming Professional Leaders Conference next week! (October, 16 – 18) I’ve always enjoyed attending these conferences. When we served in Jersey, it was called The Bishop’s Convocation. I remember bringing our Hannah when she was a nursing baby, and all our colleagues oohing and aahing over her! Thomas and I never missed it! As the years have gone by, with our children in school, we each have had to attend every other one. Now that we are empty nesters, we get to attend together again.

I believe it’s essential to gather with colleagues, to give and receive support and to remember that we are not alone in our ministry. It’s also important to hear from a speaker and be academically engaged as well as challenged on issues of our day and our church.

This year, our theme is: “Who we are as Lutherans: Our Omitted Narratives”. Our speaker is Prairie Rose Seminole.

Prairie Rose is a citizen of the Three Affiliated Tribes of North Dakota, descendent of the Sahnish/Arikara, Northern Cheyenne and Lakota Nations. She is the American Indian Alaska Native Program Director for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. She serves American Indian, Alaska Native communities around the United States as an educator and advocate, deconstructing colonial systems of oppression.

I am eager to hear her historical and current perspectives on the experiences of Native Nations in our country. No doubt, some of what she shares will be challenging – especially for those of us who are white. But I believe it is important – it’s necessary – for us to be open to all of God’s children. It is a good and right thing to listen to the narratives which have been omitted in the history of our storytelling.

Our PLC planning team has worked faithfully to bring about this conference for our rostered ministers. If you run into one of them, I hope you’ll express your gratitude to them!

Pr. Frank Espegren, Chair                               Pr. Adisa Armand

Pr. Sarah Johnson                                            Pr. Tita Valeriano, DEM

Mr. Kevin Johnson                                           And me! Staff Liaison

See you at the Village!

In Christ,
Pr. Kathryn