A Message from PLTS

A Message from PLTS

There are three pictures below. The first is from the backside of our former chapel up in the Berkeley Hills. You can see featured the tall steel cross that went fifty feet in the air and could be seen, with binoculars, from San Francisco. It was the highpoint of our campus for over fifty years. One foot of height for every year, I guess you could say.

The next picture is a close up view of the base of the cross, showing how the steel girders that comprised the cross were fashioned into a cross-shaped cross-section. Kind of what a Jerusalem cross looks like. Zaytuna College took the cross down in August, as they should have done considering the Muslim character of their campus. And they alerted us about the dismantling event so we could have a small service of thank you for what the cross meant to us and to bless those who would be responsible for bringing it down. We also asked if they would save out a few sections of it for us.

The last picture is a new cross which was etched out of one of those saved pieces. My daughter Juliana designed a cross within which is an image of a phoenix, which in turn has a smaller cross in its heart. Doesn’t seem that it needs much explanation, except that the phoenix is a bird that is destroyed and then is reborn in fire. Just as we Christians experience in our death to self, in baptism, a following rebirth into Christ. Just as the chaparral of our California landscape is required to burn in order to regenerate. Just as those who lost loved ones in recent fires and shootings that affected many in California must go through their own deaths. And we pray, will rise in new understandings of life and faith.

From the previous paragraph, it sounds like it’s a straight line through death to resurrection. I pray that it may be so. And I pray that the leaders being formed at PLTS would be able to accompany others in such transformative journeys. Thank you for supporting our efforts. And please feel free to contact me or the link below if you would like to initiate some kind of new support for our efforts.


Rev. Brian Stein-Webber
Director of Seminary Relations



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