A Message from Lutheran Social Services of Northern California

A Message from Lutheran Social Services of Northern California

I never thought it would happen to me.  

My childhood was chaotic.  

How many times have I heard one or both of those statements from an individual we serve in one of LSS’s supportive housing programs? In our work, we often come across formerly homeless individuals of all ages who share that they have a college degree, once held a responsible job or maybe owned their own business. Then something happened that turned their life upside down: a catastrophic illness, extended unemployment, depression, domestic violence, inadequate or no insurance, or living through a disaster – such as the wildfires that have devastated communities in recent years.   

We hear stories of growing up in middle-class families in which one or both parents had a college degree and held good jobs, but there were problems in the home, maybe a divorce, abuse or substance abuse. Others grew up in working-class families that always struggled to make ends meet but somehow muddled through. And, sadly, we also find that many homeless individuals spent time in foster care. This is also common among those who have served time in jail or prison.  

While poverty often results in homelessness or the risk of becoming homeless, there are many other underlying, complex causes of homelessness. These causes could happen to you or to me. Rebuilding one’s life and regaining one’s dignity after experiencing homelessness takes time. LSS provides a safe place to call home and the compassionate guidance an individual needs to overcome the reasons for their past homelessness.

The call to help others – something Martin Luther wrote about more than 500 years ago – has never been greater. LSS is grateful for your empathy and generosity in supporting our vision of ending homelessness, for good. 

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Carol Roberts, Ph.D.

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