It’s a Mystery

It's a Mystery

When I was in my first year of seminary, we joked that we could get out of any hard questioning by a professor by answering, “It’s a mystery!” The truth of the joke is that so much of faith is truly a mystery – especially the ‘how’ parts of the stories and miracles. How did these things happen?…. It’s a mystery!

Easter is one of the biggest how mysteries of all. The why of all of it is no mystery, however – it is because of Love. Because God so loved the world / the cosmos, God came as a human who loved and laughed and cried and was happy and frustrated and bored. Because God so loved all of humanity, God became truly human and lived and walked and taught among us. Because Jesus so loved all people, he interacted with and ate with and walked with those who were on the fringes of society, those who often are marginalized and ignored by those of us who have the power, resources, and privilege to do so. Because God so loves us all that death doesn’t get to be the final word. The how is a mystery but the why is not.

In this season of Easter mystery, may you know God’s love for you. May you accept God’s love for you. May you share God’s love with others. Having experienced and lived in the knowledge of God’s love for us, our charge is to share that love with others – through our actions and through our words.

In Easter Hope and Joy,
Pr. Katy