A Message from Sarah Erickson, Executive Director, Mt Cross Ministries

A Message from Sarah Erickson, Executive Director, Mt Cross Ministries

I remember my first experiences with summer camp in the 90s. It’s where I “discovered” the band Lost and Found, developed strategies for playing Capture the Flag, realized it was ok that I wasn’t great at everything (the Spider’s Web!) and people still liked me, found first crushes, spoke my faith in the theologically dubious game of Christians and Romans, and had new friends sign the inside cover of my Bible – a treasure I still have today. Similar to around 80% of our church leaders today, I had a formative faith experience at camp. It has an incredible ability to shape campers’ worldviews, increase their confidence, and deepen their belief that faith actually matters… setting them on a trajectory of faith, compassion, and courage for the rest of their lives. It’s truly one of the most effective ministries for youth that we have as a church.

So I’m thrilled that those of us in the Sierra Pacific Synod are working to make this ministry happen! The month of May all Second Mile donations to the synod will come to Mt. Cross, for which we’re deeply grateful. It allows us to continue providing these profound experiences in God’s creation for campers of all ages, strengthening them for the service they’ll bring back to you in your congregations.

For more information on our upcoming events, summer camp, Fall Fest & Homecoming, middle school faith formation program, or becoming a regular donor, please visit our website: www.mtcross.org or contact Rev. Sarah Erickson: sarah@mtcross.org

We truly believe we’re in it together and we’re thankful for you!