You are Invited

You are Invited

I have been contemplating invitations recently – I know, it’s kind of an odd opening, but hang with me. One of the joys of this work to which I have been called is the opportunity to be in a variety of spaces and conversations. Usually at someone’s invitation or through a personal connection I have been present at and participated in a wide range of experiences over the last 7 years. I’ve sat in the back of rooms and listened, I’ve stood at microphones, I’ve shared untold cups of coffee, I’ve been gifted with peoples stories. And I have been humbled by the welcome and the trust that people have extended.

You are invited – please come – there’s this thing…people reach out through phone or email or messenger and inform and ask. They ask because they think I’ll be interested, or because they think I can add something, or that I’ll enjoy the event, or because I represent the Sierra Pacific Synod Office of the Bishop – sometimes all of the above. I know about these events because people who know about and care about them reach out and ask.

What are the things that you care about? What is the last invitation you extended to someone? Please come… As you reflect on things you care about and want other to share, I hope your congregation is one of those things. There’s this thing… When is the last time you invited someone to worship or fellowship or service or study? It has been repeatedly shown that invitations from members is the most effective evangelism tool that congregations and ministries have – when something matters, we want to share it with other people, and a personal invitation conveys its significance to us.

So in these summer months, I invite you to extend an invitation – to worship, or to a study or a service or fellowship event. Maybe it is to camp or day camp or VBS. Maybe it is to share a beverage and conversation. Who in your life do you want to share your faith community with? Why not invite them?

God’s richest blessings to you,
Pr. Katy


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