Professional Leaders Conference

Professional Leaders Conference

I’ve always looked forward to our Professional Leaders Conference. I believe it’s an important time for all of us rostered ministers to:

  • Reflect on our ministry
  • Spend some time in prayer alone and together
  • Worship with our colleagues
  • Receive theological, intellectual and spiritual stimulation from the speakers
  • Be inspired and motivated in our ministry
  • Get ideas from other rostered ministers
  • Be encouraged in our ministry
  • Provide support for those who may be struggling in their ministry or personal lives
  • Be part of the discernment process for our colleagues who are considering a new call
  • Find refreshment and renewal for our spirits!

When I was a younger pastor, I always felt a bit intimidated by all the pastors when I would attend this event. They seemed, to me at least, to have “all the answers” – or at least have their congregations all figured out!

Now I have a different perspective! I realize we all need each other. This is challenging work to be the church in the 21st Century. None of us has all the answers, but each of us can support and encourage one another in this crazy, complicated, sometimes joyful, sometimes nerve-wracking call we have received from God. My hope and prayer is that you will come to PLC this year, walk on the beach, spend some sabbath time with God and with your siblings in Christ. My hope and prayer is that congregations and specialized ministry sites will support their rostered ministers to attend.

When you are there, please take a moment to thank the members of our PLC Planning Team. They have worked hard and have made some creative changes this year, like having three speakers instead of one and more time for fellowship. As always, we’d like to hear your feedback in the survey.

PLC Planning Team

Co-Chairs: Pr. Ruth Peterson & Pr. Frank Espegren
Pr. Diana Turner, Pr. Trudy Franzen,Pr. Cary Bass-Deschenes, Pr. Sarah Johnson
Staff: Laurie Gaumer & Me!

Thank you for your faithful ministry in Christ’s name!
See you at the beach!
Pr. Kathryn


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