A Message from Lutheran Social Services of Northern California

A Message from Lutheran Social Services of Northern California

California is a jarring reminder that thousands of individuals, including some 40,000 youth, need housing and a helping hand up to overcome homelessness. We all want to do something to alleviate the crisis of homelessness in our state and in our communities, but the problem can seem overwhelming.

LSS of Northern California is part of the solution to end homelessness. We are here for the long-haul, because the reasons for homelessness are varied and often complex. That means it takes a village to provide the support each individual needs, because it takes months, even years, to rebuild one’s life, confidence and dignity after experiencing homelessness, even if for a short time.

Support from the Sierra Pacific Synod and its congregations helped us make a difference in the lives of 3,700 individuals of all ages during the past year. That means that 3,700 youth, families with children and adults, including seniors, were not sleeping in doorways, on the streets or in a shelter. Instead, they had safe, stable housing so they could focus on other issues and received the care and support that they needed to move on with their lives.

The demand for LSS’s services will grow in 2020.  You are a part of the solution with LSS, and we are grateful for your partnership.  We could not make a difference without your generous support and prayers.

Learn more about LSS programs, our clients and find news and reports about homelessness on our website, www.lssnorcal.org. Watch this video to hear from two youth for whom your support made a difference.  And follow us on Facebook@lssnortherncalifornia or Instagram with lssnorcal.


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