A Message from Lutheran Campus Ministry: The Belfry

A Message from Lutheran Campus Ministry: The Belfry

Here at The Belfry, we are responsible for young adult ministry from the beginning of college through individuals’ early thirties, and that can encompass a lot of different types of engagement. As a result, it’s often a challenge to concisely express to folks who aren’t familiar with our organization what it is we do and why that’s important. As executive director, I’ve tried a variety of techniques and elevator pitches to meet this challenge, but I think one of our students put it best when he said simply “We meet basic human needs.”

The ways we do this can be obvious and palpable—we feed people and we provide free hygiene and personal care items through our St. Tabitha’s Essentials Pantry. However, we also meet human needs in ways which are intangible. This same student pointed out that affirming people is meeting a basic human need. Fellowship, community, support, encouragement—these are basic human needs and things which we provide at The Belfry, and in all campus ministries, in abundance.

People need a place to go where they are not asked for anything, where there are no deadlines, where they are assured that they are beloved of God regardless of what they produce. For a group of students from UC Davis that place is The Belfry, just as other Lutheran campus ministries meet those same needs through their own unique gifts and charisms.

Regardless of the college or university, this work is valuable, this work is needed, this work is important. And, it requires your support to thrive.

Please consider joining us in this work with a gift to second mile giving.

Emily Hyberg, executive director, The Belfry