A Message from Mt Cross Ministries

A Message from Mt Cross Ministries

“And things were going so well!” That’s pretty much what our reaction/lament has been for the last 6 weeks while we’ve been sheltering-in-place here at Mt. Cross. Summer 2019 went super-well and saw 14% more campers than Summer 2018, and on March 16, the day the orders came down from our county health officer, our registration numbers for Summer 2020 were ahead of where we were last year. We were well on our way to hiring a terrific group of young adult camp counselors, and our fall calendar was quickly filling up with weekend retreats and rentals. Little did we know on March 16 that we would be just about a month away from making the incredibly difficult decision to cancel summer camp this year, that our rental calendar would look drastically different, and life in general would be upended.

What was an exciting time has turned into a time of disappointment and uncertainty, and a fair amount of worry. And we know we’re not the only ones who have been affected adversely by this new COVID-19 reality and are wondering how to navigate through it.

For over 70 years, Mt. Cross has been in the business of changing lives, developing leaders, and helping kids and adults explore their faith. We plan to be around for another 70. Your Second Mile Support this month, in a year when our camp revenue is zero and our rental revenue is severely decreased, will help us ensure that we can continue providing profound experiences in God’s creation for years to come. Thank you for your support of Mt. Cross! We are church together. We are stronger together. We will get through this together.


Rev. Sarah & Adam Erickson
Mt. Cross Executive Directors