San Francisco Night Ministry’s Call

San Francisco Night Ministry's Call

Like so many organizations, Night Ministry has been undergoing significant transition in this era of pandemic and social protest. There is an urgent need for action to protect our communities from coronavirus and to dismantle our culture of white supremacy, and to recognize how these needs intersect. There is also an urgent –and indeed perennial – need for what Night Ministry hopes to extend to each person and group we encounter each night: loving presence. The power of presence means showing up, recognizing another person’s humanity, listening deeply to their stories, and offering compassionate care.

While most of our community programs are suspended due to the pandemic, Night Ministry continues to walk the streets offering the power of presence. And there is a great deal of energy around our telephone Care Line. Due to shelter-in-place, we changed the technology to allow volunteers to work from home. We trained 30 new volunteers in six weeks, added more hours of operation, and increased our caller volume.

Night Ministry’s Care Line is for everyone. Whether you are lonely or in crisis or just need someone to talk or pray with, we welcome your call. Also, we feel called as an organization to keep expanding the phone ministry we have offered for 55 years in this time of particular need. Please contact us if you want to learn more about the Care Line or to volunteer as a Care Line Counselor: In the meantime, may you feel the power of presence increase in your life, and may you shine it out to those in our community who yearn for it the most.

Care Line:
Dial: 844-HOPE-4-SF (844-467-3473)

8PM – 4AM PST every night





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