Synod Assembly

33rd Annual Synod Assembly

As we now live into a “new normal” with COVID-19, “shelter in place” orders, and the desire to actually share the peace with one another, I wanted to let you know that our Synod Assembly scheduled for May has been postponed. The Synod Executive Committee met to support a postponement for sometime this fall.

We are working with the Synod Assembly Planning Committee, the Fresno Convention Center, and the Doubletree Hotel to see when there are viable dates most likely in the fall. There is a possibility the Assembly may occur in another part of our Synod – again, this is a work in progress and I wanted to let you, our congregations, know this information.

While there will be questions on the postponement of our Assembly, I ask for your patience and prayers as the Synod Staff and Synod Assembly Planning Committee work out the details.

Our world awakes each day to something new and different – we may be fearful of the events which surround us but we are people who trust in God’s guidance and love.

I thank you for being Church Together!

Deep peace,

Gail Kiyomura
Vice President
Sierra Pacific Synod

“We are Church Together: Called and Sent”

1 Peter 4:10

As generous distributors of God’s manifold grace,
put your gifts at the service of one another,
each in the measure you have received.   

Doubletree Hotel
Fresno Convention Center
848 M Street
Fresno, CA

May 1-3, 2020


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2020 Bishop Election

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Registration will Re-open Later

You are encouraged to register as soon as possible! Because of the Bishop Election, the Credentials Committee will be working closely with the registrar to make sure that everyone who is entitled to vote receives a voting machine. Last minute and onsite registrations may delay your ability to vote on the first ballot.

Two Lay Voting Members per each called minister of Word and Sacrament serving a congregation shall be elected by each congregation related to this synod, normally one of whom shall be male and one of whom shall be female, to be voting members.

If you do not know what Conference your congregation is a part of, check out the Conference Listings here!

Registration questions… contact

Watch for things to do in Fresno.


Housing reservations will re-open later.

 2020 Speakers (Subject to change due to the rescheduling of Assembly):

Deacon Peggy Hahn

Executive Director of LEAD (Living Every Day as Disciples)

Bible Study Leader:

Watch for 2020’s leader

ELCA Churchwide Representative: 

Bill Horne, ELCA Vice President

Financial Gifts

Cash offerings made at synod assembly will be divided evenly between Mt Cross Ministries, Synod Candidacy, and Lutheran Disaster Response.

In Kind Gifts

Gifts-in-kind will be made to Breaking the Chains, a non-profit in Fresno that works with victims of sex trafficking.

Urgent items needed are: ethnic hair care products, socks, underwear (including bras) of all sizes (small-plus.)


The time to submit resolutions has passed.

Questions? Email

Synod Assembly Display Space

Display Space Registration will re-open later

Questions? Contact Pr Dot Lundgren

Synod Assembly Workshops

There will be no workshops in 2020 due to constraints of the Bishop’s Election and other Assembly business.

Bishop Election

Click here for information on the Synod Site Profile, Identified Candidates and the Election Process.

Volunteers Needed!

The Synod is looking for interested volunteers who would like to share their time and talents at this year’s Synod Assembly. Volunteers strengthen and enrich this process of our faith community. Volunteers may provide short term or long term commitment over the three-day conference.
Jobs include set-up, registration, photographer, direction guides and more!

Volunteer Registration will re-open later

Mini Prayer Shawls Needed for Assembly

We are all more than ready to gather with family and friends in homes and in our church buildings! And we also look forward to gathering as the Sierra Pacific Synod in assembly on our rescheduled dates, whenever they are. We will do our usual business there but a major part as you well know is the election of a new bishop.

The Bishop Election Committee (BEC) is working on various aspects of the overall process and prays for it to be one that is unified and Spirit led. To guide the voting members in prayer and discernment, we plan to provide mini-prayer shawls for each person. These mini-shawls will be made by folks around the synod who pray during their creation that each member is blessed and fully open to the Spirit’s guidance. The shawls would also be a unifier as we gather to pray prior to each ballot. And they will go home with members in their brief cases, pockets, or purses as a reminder of the prayers of unknown sisters and brothers in Christ, and can be used during their own times for prayer and devotions.

And so, we are asking all knitters and crochet-ers to wash their hands, grab their needles and hooks, gather up their yarn, and create mini prayer shawls roughly 6” by 3”. We will need about 600 total!  As your fingers are at work, please pray for God’s blessings upon the recipient of your creation and that they receive the gift of spiritual discernment.

These mini-shawls can be sent to Assembly with your clergy and voting members. Your congregation is invited to bless them during a worship service beforehand.

May you all be and stay well. Thank you.

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