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ELCA Training Workshop: Equipping Facilitators to Build Synod Capacity to Address Race

Dates:   September 13-15, 2018 (3-day event)

Place:    ELCA, 8765 W. Higgins Road, Chicago, IL

FEE:  Training, materials and meals are provided at no cost to synod teams.

Facilitators: Rev. Marilyn Miller &  Joyce A. Caldwell, PhD

Pre-workshop Registration Form

By the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

1.  Define concepts of prejudice, racism, white privilege, systemic and structural racism
2.  Reflect on one’s own racial identity and evaluate its meaning
3.  Identify manifestations of racism and privilege in culture, institutions, and structures of daily life movement
4.  Analyze the complexity of systems of oppression and issues of power embedded in the historical roots of racism and in current institutional and societal structures
5.  Lead discussions on race-related books, movies, and issues such as structural racism, white privilege, Black Lives Matter, mascots and immigration.

Requirements for Participants

*   Pre-workshop registration form
*   Basic understanding of racism and white privilege
*   Openness to sharing, learning, and growing
*   3-4-person synod team, representing the diversity of your synod
*   Support of synod bishop and leadership

Overview of training

1.  Establish guidelines for leading discussions on race
*   Setting ground rules
*   Listening and sharing stories
*   Fundamental concepts and understandings

2.  Define and unpack concepts of prejudice and racism
*   Making of an ism
*   Cycle of socialization
*   Definition of prejudice and racism
*   Levels of racism: individual, cultural, institutional

3.  Define and apply concepts of white privilege and internalized oppression
*   White privilege experiential activities
*   Description of internalized oppression

4.  Analyze concepts of systemic and structural racism
*   Historical roots of oppression
*   Structural pyramid
*   Table of oppression
*   Microaggressions
*   Systems of power

5.  Investigate models of racial identity development
*   Statuses of white racial identity development
*   Statuses of people of color identity development
6.  Experience models for discussion within the synod and congregations
*   Basic discussion guide for books and movies (suggested list of books and movies)
*   Guidelines for topic-based discussion

7.  The role and meaning of being an ally
*   Responsibilities
*   Actions

8.  Next Steps for building a synod team

** Please return all completed participant forms to ELCA, Program Director for Racial Justice, Judith Roberts via email at Judith.Roberts@elca.org. Space is limited. Travel scholarships are available. Lodging reservations will be booked through the ELCA at the Wyndham  Chicago O’Hare, 1450 East Touhy Ave.  Des Plaines, IL  60018.


September 13, 2018


September 15, 2018

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