The Racial/Ethnic Mission Strategy Discipling Team was created for two primary reasons:

  • To ensure the inclusion and participation of people of color in decision making processes & coordination of strategies for ministry in congregations & synod racial/ethnic groups;
  • To assist the synod & congregations to overcome barriers of racial separation, mistrust and misunderstanding.

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Conveners’ Contact Info

Anti Racism Working Group
Stephanie Leong

Ethnic Strategies Working Group
Rev Linda Boston
Sheela Boddu

Cultural Competency Working Group
Rev Trudy Franzen
Rev Anne Carlson

Other Members

Synod Council Member
Rev Gregg Brown

Staff Member
Bp Mark Holmerud


These Working Groups provide educational resources, workshops and strategic assistance on:

  • Anti Racism
  • Multicultural Diversity
  • Cultural Competence
  • Ethnic Ministry Strategy for systemic change

Which Working Group is for me?

If you are interested in Anti-Racist training for groups, justice for those oppressed by a systemic racist system, and dismantling white privilege, the Anti-Racism Working Group is for you!

If you are interested in making sure that People of Color are represented in every aspect of the church, including its highest offices, so that our Synod rightly reflects the diversity of our region, the Ethnic Strategies Working Group is for you!

If you are interested in lifting up the gift of various cultures and promoting understanding and equal appreciation and power for ALL of God’s people at the expense of no one, the Cultural Competency Working Group is for you!