A Message from Lutheran Engagement and Advocacy in Nevada

A Message from Lutheran Engagement and Advocacy in Nevada

Lutheran Engagement and Advocacy in Nevada does advocacy at the State Legislature and in congregations on behalf of the poor and marginalized. We exist to speak out on contemporary issues from a Lutheran perspective. We are part of a nationwide network of advocacy offices, supported in part by ELCA hunger funds. However we depend on other sources, including Second Mile Giving. All of our advocacy and public statements are rooted in the ELCA Social Statements and other church teachings.

Nevada’s legislature meets only 120 days in alternate years, so the session is always intense. LEAN testifies at legislative hearings, but also works one-on-one with legislators.  We work to reform the social structures that perpetuate poverty and injustice. During the “interim” a lot of studies and other background work takes place. LEAN follows all this committee work both to prepare us for the next Session and to provide appropriate input as the committees work.

Educating parishioners on issues of concern is LEAN’s ongoing mission, whether the Legislature is in session or not. We like the word “engagement” in our name, because it speaks to the vocation of every Christian to love our neighbor.  It’s difficult to be engaged without information.

Education is carried out through our website, https://leanforjustice.wordpress.com/  and through articles in church newsletters, along with learning opportunities such as a workshop on hunger issues last fall.

Going forward, LEAN will be focused on criminal justice reform and voting rights. Both will be on the agenda in an upcoming Special Legislative Session. LEAN will be there, in the person of Bill Ledford, our Advocate. For more information, email him at william@leanforjustice.org.  LEAN is on Facebook @leanforjustice.


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