Sometimes good-byes just stink

Sometimes good-byes just stink

I was watching a sitcom the other day. There was a poignant scene where a major character was leaving the series – he is in conversation with someone and he’s wondering if he’s making the right choice, since it’s so hard to leave. His friend looks at him and says (and I’m paraphrasing) “Sometimes good-byes just stink”. And, boy-howdy, do they.

Since the announcement of my departure from synod staff to take the position of Director of Contextual Education and Lecturer at PLTS, I have received many messages of encouragement, support, and joy for this new thing. And it is exciting. I’m excited to learn what God is up to at PLTS and how I will play a part in that. I’m excited to learn new things and stretch different ministry ‘muscles’. I’m excited to return to higher education – the field I was working in when I discerned a call to ordained ministry. I am excited, and I’m also sad and nostalgic.

I have been cleaning out files and books and binders – and almost every one calls to mind a memory of the ministry that I’ve been privileged to participate in for the past nine years. In my previous letter I said that this call demanded more of me than I ever could have imagined – and it also gave me more than I ever could have dreamed. The opportunities that I have had to be in the lives and ministries of the people and congregations and institutions of this synod, and beyond, have been a gift and an honor. Not every interaction has been joy-filled – there have been some hard times as well, and hard conversations and interactions along the way, and that is part of the fullness of life.

Sometimes good-byes just stink…but unlike that sitcom character, I am not written out of the story of the church – just this wing of it. I trust that I will cross paths with many of you in my new work, and please know that you will continue to be held in my prayers, as we work together for the sake of the gospel of Jesus in the world that God loves.

God Bless you all,
Pr. Katy Grindberg