A Message from Lutheran Social Services of Northern California

A Message from Lutheran Social Services of Northern California

The LSS motto this year was “mask, task and take on COVID-19.”  As an essential front line service, LSS operated continuously, even when some employees, such as myself, lost power for days or had to evacuate our homes due to wildfire concerns. All of us had to approach our jobs differently, and the resilience, creativity and teamwork has been inspiring. Nearly 4,000 vulnerable individuals, from infants to seniors, depend on us to help them remain safe and sound as they continue to shelter-in-place. They do not have the means or wherewithal to visit numerous stores in search of cleaning products, paper goods or extra food. We are helping them do that.

LSS’ mission has always placed us squarely in the intersection of poverty and racism, and this year was particularly unsettling. The disproportionate number of deaths of people of color due to COVID affected us deeply, as did the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and so many others. We are guided by a commitment to social justice, human rights, and caring compassion towards all, especially our neighbors who are marginalized and discriminated against for their race, religion, sexual orientation, behavior or economic status.

Despite all of that has unfolded this year, LSS continues to grow, in part because our region’s homeless population continues to grow. And thousands more Californians are vulnerable to homelessness due to the Coronavirus’ effect on the economy.

Yes, our corner of the world has endured so much in 2020. Time and again this year, your outpouring of compassion has bolstered my hope for the homeless. I hope you will remember LSS of Northern California in your end-of-year giving.

Please contact me if you have questions! Visit our website www.lssnorcal.org to learn more. You can also follow us on Facebook (@lssnortherncalifornia)or Instagram (#lssnorcal) and visit our YouTube channel (LSSNorCal).

Carol Roberts, Ph.D., CEO
LSS of Northern California
925.825.1060 x78