A Season of Transitions

A Season of Transitions

The hymn that’s stuck in my head in these Holy Week days leading us to Easter is “Now the Green Blade Rises”. It’s always been one of my favorite Easter hymns, but it seems to resonate even more this year.

I like this hymn because it speaks of the great transition of Easter…. from death to life, from buried grain to green sprout, from grief to hope.

Transition seems to be so much a part of our lives theses days. We are transitioning from winter to spring. Many of our congregations are going through a transition of pastoral leadership. Our country is on the cusp of pandemic days to a post pandemic life. And our synod is in the midst of transitioning to new leadership as we get ready to elect a new bishop.

Transition can be unsettling, as we don’t always have an easy time letting go of what was, and we can’t always have a clear vision of what will be. But transition is a fact of life. We can’t ignore it, or deny it’s existence. But we can choose how we will embrace it.

And Easter is the greatest transition of all, the transition that we sing out about in “Now the Green Blade Rises”, the transition of Jesus’ resurrection, and changing the world and our lives forever. And what we learn from that story of transition is that we do not travel alone.  God is with us as we leave what has been familiar, God walks with us as we travel a journey of what is unknown, God is with us as we enter something new, with joy and thanksgiving.

So, as we continue to walk together through these transitory times, with one another and with Jesus, we can trust that whatever has been laid aside will rise again. Thanks be to God!