Warner Trust

Thank you for your interest in the Warner Trust. Please fill out the attached application by the deadline of December 15 and mail to warnertrust@spselca.org. We are sorry but no late applications will be accepted. A decision will be made at the Synod Council’s January meeting and recipients will be notified by the end of February.

Please read the following policy to ensure your request falls within our guidelines and please answer all of the questions completely.

In order to provide support to the many ministries around our synod, ordinarily grants will not be made for less than $500 or more than $2,000. No more that $2,000 will be awarded in a year to the same church/organization/ministry.

There is approximately $7,000 available every year. The amount varies each year based on the interest earned by the Warner Trust. The Warner Grant Committee, with the approval of Synod Council, has the discretion to award the entire amount available each year. Applicants must provide current mission support to have their request considered.

In order to support the many ministries of our Synod, we cannot award a grant to the same church/organization/ministry two years in a row. However, if you were awarded a grant last year, we encourage you to apply next year.

These grants are designed to be seed grants to help in the areas of youth or family ministries. A grant may be requested for youth projects, schools and pre-schools, and education ministries. Feel free to be creative. These grants will not be awarded to fund salaries, mission trips, national or synodical youth gatherings, or building maintenance.

The more information given in the application, the easier it is for us to understand your ministry.

Please email warnertrust@spselca.org if you have any questions.

God Bless,

Warner Trust Grant Committee

Warner Trust Grant Application